ZINAD for Information Technology


ZINAD for Information Technology is a fast-growing Information Technology Corporate specialized in information security. ZINAD is actively operating in the MENA region with offices in Egypt, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Canada. ZINAD provides professional services and solutions to organizations of all sizes to keep businesses confidential, integrated and available.

ZINAD’s full capacity lies in a well-selected group of information security consultants & Experts who are the best in the field, covering a wide spectrum of services in addition to expertise in deploying next-generation solutions.

ZINAD has introduced ZiSoft, the first of its kind Arabic information security awareness management system. ZiSoft offers interactive information security awareness topics. ZiSoft features online reporting for decision makers; progress tracking; and a modular licensing options. ZiSoft has interactive and engaging awareness training lessons that will help organizations pass audits and prevent breaches, giving employees a security-minded culture throughout the year and saving organizations the cost of wide spread breaches.

Company Products, Services and Specialty:

- Security Services.
- Penetration Testing.
- Security Assessment.
- Source Code Review.
- Application Threat Modelling.
- Forensics Investigation.
- Compliance Services (ISO27001, PCI-DSS, ISA99 for SCADA Systems)
- Security Operation Centre.
- Security Assessment.
- Network Design Review.

Security Products:
(NGFW, SIEM Solutions, Vulnerability Management, Source Code Review, Web-Application Firewalls, Web and Mail Gateways, Encryption solutions, 2-factor-authentication, End-point protection, Anti-APT solutions, Security Awareness Programs).

(HPE, Trend Micro, F5, Kaspersky, PaloAlto, Fortinet, Entrust, Blue Coat, Symantec, Guidance Software, Tripwire, McAfee, Splunk .. etc).

Contact Info:

Company Name: ZINAD for Information Technology

Contact Persons: Ahmed Kanoma

Contact Person Email:

Contact Person Mobile: +20 1000 522 757

Contact Person Title: Business Development Manager

Company Telephone Number: +20 23 691 0504

Company Address: Smart Village Building No. B2401, Egypt

Company Email:

Company Website : www.ZINAD.net