Time For High-Quality Data Centers

The government is heavily investing in telecom infrastructure, with the introduction of the 4G technology in mobile services in 2016, and the progressive infrastructure upgrades and deployment of fiber optical cables across the country.

The IT infrastructure in Egypt eases start-up costs, and enhances day-to-day productivity. The country is a key communications node, hosting submarine fiber-optic cables to connect with Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Europe.

Ongoing investment in high-speed broadband infrastructure has accelerated the development and adoption of ICT services.

The wide spread penetration of mobile devices in the Egyptian market, with approximately 40% of all internet users on mobile internet, positions the country well to take advantage of new data services enabled by 4G technologies and cloud computing.

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There is a white spot of Data Centers & Clouds in the Middle East accounting for the high APAC latency. There is a golden opportunity in building a network of Data Centers in Egypt, utilizing the strategic location and high-quality infrastructure in its tech parks, which could save at least a 150ms from Gulf and Far East routes.