Founded in 2015 in Egypt, Intcore is an online systems solution provider that targets national, regional, and international customers.
With the world constantly blending technology into every part of our life, making it easier and simpler, the company believes technology is as important as ever, because it now is a lifestyle, and not just a tool.
The gap in the market where the after-sale service is not fully accounted for had inspired the founder to provide this quality service the market desires. With the determination of its employees and their hunger for perfection and quality, the company grew in size and is now striving to go global.

Company Products, Services and Specialty:

The company is specialized in Web solutions, where INTCORE develops and designs websites. It also provide mobile app development, including mobile app advertising, and mobile app development. The company as well provides a secure hosting and digital marketing, where you can advertise for your products through social media. All while ensuring high SEO.
INTCORE provides products including school management systems, making it easier for schools to organize its services; HRM, used for managing employees in companies; CRM, to ensure excellent customer service relations and ERP, which is a full integrated enterprise system.

Contact Info:

Company Name: INTCORE

Contact Persons:
*Eslam Ramadan
Founder & CEO


*Rana Hassanein

Business Development

Company Telephone Number: +201000015051

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Company Address: 3 Rashdan Street, off Mesaha Square, Ad Dokki, Giza, Egypt

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