Microsystem Hotspot


Our product is web application multi-tenant using for automated internet management and WIFI Marketing.
we provide two solution models:

Internet management Module:
-Solve slow internet issue and separate between browsing and download speed.
-Customizable and brandable portal page.
-Keep your network save from hackers and decrease cybercrime.
-Plug and play + Usability and flexibility.
-Cost effectively.
-Automation management without technical experience.

Marketing Module:
-Help out target customers to build “loyalty” relationship with his customers.
-Collect customers data and reach to just potential customers inside and outside business location in seconds by SMS, Email and WIFI messages.
-Marketing research to Identify customers segmentation, returned visitors, rush hours and spend time for clear vision about business growth and business direction.

Company Products, Services and Specialty:

Microsystem Hotspot is Automated internet management, Wi-Fi Guest access, marketing and monetisation solutions.
NOW you will solve slow internet connection and control access, bandwidth, quota all from the cloud.
And turn your WIFI into powerful marketing tool.

Contact Info:

Company Name: Microsystem Hotspot

Contact Persons: Ahmed Mansour Kasem

Contact Person Email:

Contact Person Mobile: 01061030454

Contact Person Title: Founder and CEO

Company Telephone Number: 0482677070

Company FAX Number: 0482677070

Company Address: QNB bank building, 11 Zone, Sadat city, Egypt

Company Email:

Company Website : www.microsystem.com.eg