WideBot is the first bot builder platform in the MENA region. We allow anyone to build his own intelligent chatbot without any coding or technical experience in just 10 minutes.

Our innovation comes from our ability to provide intelligent bots that interact with humans using both text and voice in Arabic and English and keep learning from humans via machine learning engines.

Company Products, Services and Specialty:

Our Product is Bot Builder Platform, WideBot is an industry specific bot builder platform. We have a predefined template for each industry like (Food Ordering, E-commerce, Persona). Also we provide White Labeling for Enterprises like Mobile Operators, Banks.

Contact Info:

Company Name: WideBot

Contact Persons: Mohamed Nabil

Contact Person Email:

Contact Person Mobile: +20 111 1320132

Contact Person Title: CEO

Company Telephone Number: +201111320132

Company Address: TIEC Building, Smart Village, Cairo, Egypt.

Company Email: ,

Company Website : www.widebot.net